Workshop Information

Since ICT was a new workshop and we had participants ranging from no experience to very knowledgeable and Pre-K to Secondary, we started with some of the basics and worked our way to creating integrated lessons to use in the classroom in September.

Note that the Convent School uses Linux OS and LibreOffice.  All computers had Internet access, but if everyone was on at the same time, the system slowed down.   As a result, we used LibreOffice instead of Google Docs.

Since none of the computers had USB or CD/DVD, everything we did was shared on Google Drive.

The agenda was as follows:
  • Overview of computers - hardware and software
  • Setting up a Gmail account
  • Completing an online survey
  • Introduction to Google Docs and Google Drive
  • Internet - websites, web pages, searching, saving pages, etc.
  • Introduction to word processing (LibreOffice Writer)
  • Introduction to slide shows (LibreOffice Impress)
  • Creating slide shows and multiple choice quizzes
  • Introduction to spreadsheets (LibreOfficeCalc)
  • Integration - sample lessons, creating lessons, sharing lessons (paired by division)
We covered a lot of material over the two weeks.  Some of the advanced teachers worked on integrated slide show lessons and a blog.

Reflections/Considerations for 2016
  • We used Survey Monkey to check for computer knowledge and grade level of teaching.  I would recommend using a spreadsheet on Google Docs next time.
  • Separate groups by ability on different sides of the class and run two lessons. (Take sticky notes with you to assign seating.  Otherwise, people will always sit in the same spot.) One half can be on the Internet working while the other side is doing work that requires no Internet.
  • Consider having handouts with instructions to get one group moving while you are working with the other group.
  • Make sure teachers that are new to ICT are sitting near the front to easily see and follow.
  • For experienced teachers, look at social media, using online classrooms, etc.
  • Have experienced teachers work in pairs, grouped by teaching division, to create integrated lessons.  Have them pair up and share their lesson with a teacher who is not very experienced with using ICT.
  • By next summer all students and teachers should have tablets.  Find out what software they have on their tablets and plan for using the tablets and/or the lab.  
  • If teachers do not yet have tablets, prepare to discuss ICT in the class with one computer, with one computer and one projector, with fewer than 6 computers, with no projector, with no Internet access, etc. 

Dominica Photos

Indian River

Indian River

Indian River Iguana

Indian River Pit Stop

Portsmouth Beach

Portsmouth Beach

President's Home

Hotel Elevator - Take the Stairs

Roseau Beach


Driving to Portsmouth


Hotel Room View on Last Day

Saying Goodbye

Hotel Receptionist

Drive to Portsmouth

Drive to Portsmouth

View from Sunrise Gardens, Calibishie

Beach in Calibishie


Overall, the trip was absolutely fantastic!  There were a few glitches that were resolved along the way, but some could be addressed on future trips.

Challenges.....Solutions Used &/or Possible solutions

1.  Not having individual money.
  • Provide each member with an expense form and a daily budget that is to be collected with receipts at the end of each day.
  • Use personal money and be reimbursed by team lead.  

2.  Spending 3 weeks with people you have just met.
  • Find time for yourself - in lobby, on rooftop, in your room, in the yard, etc.
  • Share with your team that you need some down time. 
  • Plan some outings that you would like to do before you leave Ottawa.
  • Discuss food issues/needs and how to address them in-country before leaving Ottawa.
  • Be flexible and allow the group to separate for dinner, or purchase meals and meet up at a restaurant or the hotel.

3.  Being under budget, yet having to spend personal money to go to the pool where we did our debrief.
  •  Include the pool expense in the lunch budget, as the pool visit almost always included a drink and a small snack.  Often it was lunch and dinner.

4.  Organizing events with DAT staff and co-tutors.
  • Consider possible activities before departure from Ottawa.
  • People are busy and distances can be prohibitive
  • DAT staff is busy and sometimes at other workshops or out of country, so plan immediately upon arrival and ensure that everyone is informed.
  • Consider getting together for a snack or drink immediately after school.
5.  Co-tutors can be busy with other things or live long distances
  • Be patient, come prepared for your subject and appreciate all that they do, as they are volunteering their time, the same as us.
  • It all works out in the end because the participants and co-tutors are professional and dedicated.

6.  Resources for Teaching
  • Consider using the in-country budget for resources in Canada instead of Dominica
  • Resources, especially for visual and performing arts are quite expensive in country, as are things like sticky notes and CDs or DVDs.
  • Plan ahead because not all resources are available or are challenging to locate.  We purchased glue in a pharmacy and had to buy finger paint for art.  The department store had a number of resources, but at 3 - 4 times the price of buying them in Canada. 

7.  DAT/CTF Final Debrief
  • Investigate the possibility of doing this the day before the closing ceremonies.  Many of the teachers wanted to visit with co-tutors when the ceremony ended.

Convent Pictures

Creating Integrated Lesson

Off to Hamilton, Canada Soon

Putting Together a Puzzle

Youngest Student

Checking out Websites

Enjoying My New Tablet

Helping Out

The Lab

The Lab

Helping Out

Grounds Keeper Moped

Grounds Keeper

Making Silhouettes


Visual and Performing Arts




Co-tutor Lunch Room

Special Education

Special Education Pose

Special Education

Figuring it Out
Our First Computer Class

Working on Pre-K Lessons

Getting Ready for September

Arts Class Masks

ICT Co-tutor

In the Lab

Closing Ceremonies Finish

Closing Ceremonies